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Welcome to Social Essence!

Susan Evans, the founder of Social EssenceWe are - The School of Etiquette, Leadership and Image Development. Our goal is to offer the programs and tools that will empower students with the appropriate social knowledge to reach their full potential. Whether you want to improve your professional and/or personal life, our YOUTH and ADULT CULTURE programs are informative, entertaining and designed to make the most of YOU at every age!

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Modern Manners for Kids (Elementary School) 

Socialization and dining skills for boys and girls including: introductions, making friends, table manners, telephone etiquette, and respecting others.
Fall classes start Thursday, October 20th .

Image Development for Girls (Middle and High School)

Etiquette, dining, personal fitness, poise, grooming, fashion and respecting others - to help launch confident young women into a successful pattern for life.
Fall classes start Tuesday, October 4th. 

Image Development for Boys (Middle and High School)

Personal appearance, table etiquette, general social, wardrobe, sportsmanship, and respecting others - that will help build a positive self-image during difficult teen years.
Fall classes start Wednesday, September 28th.

Etiquette 101 - Impression Management  - Business Etiquette

Customized Programs to meet your needs !