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AP Etiquette for High School

Co-ed Etiquette class for grades 10-12 held at the Arid Club in Boise

AP Etiquette is an entertaining and educational program to help the motivated student develop dynamic people and social skills necessary for a successful transition into college or the workplace.. This four hour workshop teaches communications and general social guidelines, appearance, interviewing and formal dining. There is a four course lunch or dinner included.

This class tuition is $125.  Registration fee is $25.

The boys of the class

Communications Guidelines & General Social Skills:

Introductions - Remembering Names - Handshakes and Eye Contact - Successful Conversation - Cell Phone Etiquette - Gratitude and Correspondence.

The boys of the class

General Appearance:

Wardrobe - Bearing - Carriage and body language.

The boys of the class

College and Job Interviews

Dress the Part - Do Your Homework - Body Language - Resume - The Entrance - The Interview - Follow up.

The boys of the class

Formal Dining Skills

Navigating the Place Setting - Silverware Savvy - Eating Various Foods - Styles of Eating