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Etiquette 101- Impression Management

Suggested for Mature High School and College Students and held at the Arid Club in Boise

AP Etiquette is an entertaining and educational program to help the motivated student develop dynamic people and social skills necessary for a successful transition into college or the workplace.. This four hour workshop teaches communications and general social guidelines, appearance, interviewing and formal dining. There is a four course lunch or dinner included.

This class tuition is $150.  Registration fee is $25.

The boys of the class

Communications Guidelines & General Social Skills:

Introductions - Remembering Names - Handshakes and Eye Contact - Successful Conversation - Cell Phone Etiquette - Gratitude and Correspondence.

The boys of the class

General Appearance:

Wardrobe - Bearing - Carriage and body language.

The boys of the class

College and Job Interviews

Dress the Part - Do Your Homework - Body Language - Resume - The Entrance - The Interview - Follow up.

The boys of the class

Formal Dining Skills

Navigating the Place Setting - Silverware Savvy - Eating Various Foods - Styles of Eating