Modern Manners for Kids !

 etiquette class for boys and girls, grades 1-5

Socialization and dining skills are conducted in a fun learning environment through interactive exercises. This six session program focuses on introductions and making friends, dining and table manners, telephone skills and thank-you notes, manners at home and in public. Students attend a four course formal lunch or dinner to apply their new skills.
Parents attend the last session to review the topics so they can reinforce the lessons at home. This reinforcement will ensure that the newly learned information becomes a life skill. We become what we repeatedly do. The students receive graduation certificates.

Course Brochures
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The Treasure Valley - All of Idaho


Class One: First Impressions

Introductions, Direct Eye Contact, Firm Handshake, Handling the Knife (snacks)


Class Two: Thank You

Thank-you notes, Handling the Spoon (two courses)


Class Three: American Style Dining

Approaching the table, The table setting - Use of each utensil - How to eat certain foods - Table Manners (three courses)


Class Four: The Telephone

Telephone manners, answering the phone at home, messages, safety, handling emergencies, formal dinner preparation (snacks)


Class Five: Formal Dinner

Formal Four Course Lunch or Dinner at SpurWing Country Club


Class Six: Review with Parents

Review topics so parents can reinforce learning at home, award certificates